I often get asked, “What do you guys really do at We Care?”  It’s simple really; We Care, Inc. helps people stay in their own homes.  “Amazing, how do you do that?”  Well, let me tell you; the programs offered by We Care are designed to help individuals remain independent and in their own homes.  Transportation is available to seniors and others that can’t drive or just don’t feel confident driving.  Many older residents in our service area may be very comfortable driving around Morton but just don’t feel confident to drive to Peoria for a doctor’s appointment.  Someone else may be a young and hardworking individual with a family, but paying the utility bill or the rent this week leaves them short of cash for groceries.  That’s where We Care Inc. can help by providing some bags of food to get them by for a few days.  That way they won’t have to skip a rent payment to feed the family.  Of course the meals-on-wheels are a life saver to many home bound seniors and persons with disabilities.  Getting nutritious meals delivered to the door for less than a burger and fries with a soft drink from a fast food place.

Keeping people in their own home as long as possible, it’s what we do.  We do it every day at We Care, Inc.  If you have ever had to move a loved one to a nursing home, it just breaks your heart.  It is one of the hardest things you’ve ever done.  It is heart wrenching for everyone involved.  You don’t want Mom, Dad, Grandma, whoever, to be in a “long term care facility” and they for sure don’t want to go.  They want to stay in their own home.

Doris is 86 years old, very bad vision, recovering from a stroke and battling cancer.  No longer able to drive or fix meals, it was necessary to find other options. “I’ve got my mind and I don’t want to go to a nursing home.”  Doris heard about the programs at We Care and called to enroll.   I asked Doris if she would be willing to share her story, her reply was simple and direct.  “Yes, without you I would be in a nursing home.”  “So we help you remain independent,” I asked.  “Very much so” Doris replied. “I just rode the bus to the doctor’s office yesterday.  And I can’t cook anymore cause my eyes are so bad, so I get meals-on-wheels.  I’d have to go to a nursing home if it weren’t for all you do.  I’m just so grateful.”

It’s what we do!

Mike Hutchinson

Executive Director